Google AdSense Preview Tool

There’s a lot of times when I want to see the Google AdSense ads that will display for a web page I’m writing or updating. One reason is to see if there are any additional competitive filters I need to set up, another legitimate reason is simply to see if the ads appear to fit well with the content, and if not, I can just leave them off the page.

So I wrote a useful utility for seeing which ads would appear on a web page. Google AdSense Preview Tool. Playing in the sandbox is good because you’ll usually see 20 different ads for a given page. I also set-up the tool to display ads for any number of pages simultaneously (presently limited to 3 URLs). The displayed ads do not count as impressions and no one is charged (nor paid) for the clicks.

Try it out from this form using any URL you like.


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  1. Acme Technologies Zeitgeist Says:

    Adsense Preview Tool - Bookmarklets

    I’ve updated my Google AdSense Preview tool to include javascript BookMarklets allowing you to invoke it from your browser bookmarks bar….

  2. AboutAdsense Says:

    Nice Script man .I always wanted to use it on FireFox and now with this I can preview the ads That would appear on My site

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