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I’ve updated my Google Adsense Preview tool to allow you to use it from your browser bookmarks bar. The AdSense Preview tool is a "sandbox" for seeing what ads will be displayed on any web page. You simply enter up to three URLs and it retrieves (usually) twent ads which would be displayed for the URLs you entered.

I’ve added JavaScript Bookmarklets — mini JavaScripts which you drag to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar so you can run the scripts from anywhere. One of the bookmarklets presents you with a prompt to enter a URL then sends that to the AdSense Preview Tool, the other one is meant to be used when you’re viewing a web page you want to preview ads for. The second one grabs the current location from the browser and then calls the preview tool.

The bookmarklets are included here. You can test them by just clicking the links below, but they are intended to be dragged to your bookmarks toolbar, then when you’re surfing one of your pages, just click and instantly view the ads Google would display for that page.


AdSense Bookmarklet with Prompt.

AdSense Bookmarklet for page you’re viewing.

(Note: in FireFox on Mac OS X, I wasn’t able to just drag the bookmarklets up to the toolbar, but ctrl-clicking (right mouse click on Windows) on the link until you get a popup menu provided a "bookmark this link…" menu item. I chose that and selected "Personal Toolbar Folder" as the location.)

Improving your click-thru rate (CTR) in AdSense requires writing focused page content. Using the Google AdSense Sandbox will allow you to see how targeted the ads appearing alongside your content are.

If you have trouble with my instructions for saving the bookmarklets to your browser, leave me feedback in the comments and I’ll research the issue and try to find a fix.

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  1. wayne Says:

    Update: it seems dragging the bookmarket link to FireFox’s personal bookmarks bar does work, I just didn’t notice the new item showing up on the bar… but the previous instructions are also valid.

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