Restyle Your WordPress Admin ala OS X Tiger

I learned about the wp-tiger-administration plugin from some users of my new AdSense-Deluxe plugin this week, and since the AdSense-Deluxe plugin’s QuickTag wasn’t displaying properly when you had Tiger-Admin activated, I finally downloaded it and checked it out.

Tiger-Admin drastically restyles your WordPress Blog Administration to resemble Apple’s new OS X (Tiger) release. It’s beautiful work and all accomplished (I think) using only CSS. There’s a looooong list of comments for Tiger-Admin and it all pretty much glowing praise.

AdSense-Deluxe QuickTag Menu
My AdSense-Deluxe plugin allows you to easily place Google AdSense ads within your posts and globally change the ad styles, enable and disable ads, as well as previewing the ads which would be placed on a given page. Since you can define any number of different ad styles (and even use multiple styles within a single post), I wanted to use a drop-down menu QuickTag control instead of just a button. This way you could insert any of your available ad style blocks, and not have to remember how you named each one. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to locate other plugins which had strayed from using just a button, so it took a while to figure out how to add a menu to the QuickTags, and once I got that worked out, then I learned that it displayed off in left field if you were using Tiger-Admin plugin.

The solution came from adding an entry to the Tiger-Admin css file, but what a pain to ask people to do that. So with a little research, I found a way to see if the plugin is activated, and if so, I add some inline CSS to properly style the QuickTag menu on the fly.

I encourage you to try the Tiger-Admin WordPress plugin, and if you use AdSense on your blog, you’ll love AdSense-Deluxe

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