WordPress 2.0 and Adsense-Deluxe Plugin

AdSense-Deluxe v0.7 was released tonight and includes support for WordPress 2.0’s (WYSIWYG) Rich Editor as well as updating the documentation and help text to remind people it works equally well for Yahoo!’s Publisher Network.

AdSense-Deluxe is a plugin for WordPress (1.5 or later) which greatly simplies the addition of Google or Yahoo! ads to your WordPress blogs, allowing for use of multiple ad styles and controlling when and where ads are displayed.

I’ll be putting up more information here in the coming days about my experiences using it with WP 2.0, however I’m not likely to be using the Rich Editor on a regular basis. I prefer working with QuickTags and raw HTML, and have seen several people who were active in testing WordPress 2.0 betas write that the Rich Editor (based on TinyMCE) has some flaws. It’s an amazing bit of engineering, but is apparently prone to outputting some sketchy and invalid HTML at times. So if you’re not uncomfortable with HTML codes, I recommend turning off the Rich Editor (goto your user “profile” in WP 2.0 and uncheck that option at the bottom of the page).

Click this link and scroll down the page a bit to get the latest version of Acme Technologies Adsense-Deluxe Plugin for WordPress 2.0 (you want version 0.7 or later). If you have problems or comments, please email them to me or leave comments on this post. Please… read the included ReadMe.txt file if you’ll be installing this for WordPress 2.0 and want support for the Rich Editor. Installation is no longer quite as simple in that scenario.

A quick reminder: please give something back to help support the development of this great plugin by enabling the “Reward Author” checkbox in the Adsense-Deluxe Options page. All this does is make a small percentage (5% or less) of the ads displayed on your blog, use my adsense publisher ID, so if someone happens to click an ad in that case, a few pennies get channeled to my account. It’s greatly appreciated…
Thanks for your interest in the Adsense-Deluxe plugin. -wayne

6 Responses to “WordPress 2.0 and Adsense-Deluxe Plugin”

  1. bnab Says:

    For some reason, after the install, it didn’t work right, it kept looking for the following page in the wrong place:


    On all but one or two links, the script was looking for it here (examples used):


    When one copies the unzipped folder up into the plugins folder the default folder is plugins/adsense-deluxe_wp_plugin_v0.7/

    which translates to


    I made the following changes to the code on the following lines where the snippet page= ‘ . basename(__FILE__) was located:

    I added adsense-deluxe_wp_plugin_v0.7/ to all occurences of page= used for links and in the $action_url on the lines:


    I am not sure if was just something specific to my install (base extraction, then ftp to web server without changing anything) or if it was something that was that way based upon a modified wp install (i had not changed anything at the time of the plugin install from the base wp 2.0, excepting the rich text editor per your recommendation), and I am not sure if there is a template tag that could be used to specify the path instead of hard-coding it as I did…

    Though I would post my experiences….B Nab

  2. JeffWalters Says:

    Your plugin conflicts with Owen Winkler’s Buttonsnap Class - which allows adding in custom buttons to both the HTML and text editors.

    If Adsense Deluxe is disabled, two plugins that I use correctly display the buttons in the text editor. If I enable AD, the other plugins’ custom buttons disappear, and AD’s droplist appears in their place.

    We need to find a way to allow the two to co-exist on the text editor.

  3. Alex Says:

    Been running v0.7 on WP2.0 without a glitch with Adsense until YPN. I’ve added a new adsense block with YPN code and did not receive any errors. However, when I insert it to a post, I receive an ‘[Undefined Adsense Block (yahoo468×60)]’ in the preview and nothing shows on the post itself.

    Any suggestions?

  4. nmallory Says:

    I installed this and set everything up but it doesn’t work. Nothing displays on the webpages because the plugin can’t find it’s own default even. Very disappointing.

  5. wayne Says:

    nmallory: Yo… there’s so many clues for me to work from in your short missive… thanks for the error messages, blog URL, version of WordPress and other activated plugins.

  6. mudanoman Says:


    I posted a reply on DP forums, but wanted to say thanks again. Also do you think you will be releasing a version with the multiple-author revenue sharing? and possibly when? TIA.



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