Online Marketing – No More Cutting Corners

Quality is more important than ever in the business world and even more so if your business is online. The past two years Google has been punishing websites for low quality content and marketing techniques. Many times small businesses are collateral damage as many of them have fallen victim to spammy low quality search engine marketing techniques.


Since just about as long as Google has been around people have been getting search engine traffic as cheap as possible. In fact it was once rare to actually see a company do something newsworthy to gain attention and exposures online. Instead they outsourced as much as possible, and more often than not, to the lowest bidder. Back then creating content was one huge tactic to increase your search engine rankings. The problem is many took short cuts and had people oversees creating content for $2 per page, or worse used a computer program to spin an article 100 different ways.

It wasn’t just content either it was link building tactics. If you wanted to rank for a specific keyword just pay someone to submit your website to 500 directories for $20. Or worse some companies spammed blog comments to get links. Many people looking to market their websites did this and why not it worked. Well, not anymore.

Quality is King

Website Content- Google has gotten much smarter the past couple of years. Today you cannot get away with hiring broken English writers. Quality content has to be the ground floor for your website. Do yourself a favor and only hire writers from the USA. Content writing service Vorongo is a great example. They only hire writers from the USA and have an extensive verification and quality assurance program. This will help your website avoid Google algorithms such as Google Panda that specifically looks for bad content.

Link Building- Google sends out nearly 40,000 unnatural links notifications per month which comes with a manual Google penalty. Website get this by getting too many spammy links. Whether it’s buying, renting or participating in link schemes Google has been good at finding them. If this happens you will want to hire a Google penalty recovery expert to take the necessary actions to get the penalty revoked. It can be a long road to recover from a manual penalty but with the right consultant can be done faster.

Once the penalty is revoked don’t fall back into the same link schemes again. Work with a SEO company or consultant that provides quality services. Be sure to ask specifically what they will do to increase your search engine traffic. You should be a partner and not a silent bystander.

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