AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin

AdSense-Deluxe is a WordPress plugin offering advanced options for managing the automatic insertion of Google AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) ads to your WordPress posts.

For complete information on the AdSense-Deluxe plugin for WordPress blogs, please visit this post:
AdSense-Deluxe Home Page

AdSense-Deluxe Plugin for WordPress Blogs

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    Digital Point’s forums has an interesting post announcing an Adsense plugin for WordPress with the following features. * Define unlimited AdSense ad styles fo […]

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    […] Ads on “pages” Enable Ads on any Archive page Globally enable/disable all ads Get it now This entry was posted on Monday, August 1 […]

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    […] ara insertar imágenees al principio de cada noticia), Adsense-Deluxe (para insertar la publicidad de Adsense) pero en el caso de Beato, que aunque es […]

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    […] y the Tiger-Admin WordPress plugin, and if you use AdSense on your blog, you’ll love AdSense-Deluxe

    This entry […]

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    […] ng multiple posts, your preferred ads get knocked out Features Available when using the AdSense-Deluxe Plugin Easily embed multiple AdSense s […]

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    […] Enable Ads on any Archive page Globally enable/disable all ads Here’s an example: Get it now This entry was posted on Monday, August 1st, 2005 […]

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    […] ojau išbandysiu tiek visų išgirtą AdSense. Matau veikia.

    Plug-in galite rasti čiačia. Įrašymas labai lengvas, viskas paaiškinta angliškai. Taip pat yra Readme failas atsisiuntu […]

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    […] 一款,可以在文章中插于任何形式的google广告,效果还是很不错的 Adsense plugin for WordPress with the following features. * Define unlimited AdSense ad styles for […]

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    […] Reloaded
    Today 15.52 |

    (no description)

    Acme Technologies Zeitgeist » AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin
    Today 2.44 | […]

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    […] .5 to associate keywords with your posts. Another Admin Theme Amazon Media Manager 1.5 AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin Rewrite Titles (Direct Download) rewrites your page titles, especi […]

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    […] 211; [The Blog] is using (or at least is activated) at this moment Spam Karma 2-Reloaded Adsense-Deluxe Auto-Hyperlink URL’s Backup Restore Bunny’s Technorati Tags Hello Dolly I […]

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    […] 211; [The Blog] is using (or at least is activated) at this moment Spam Karma 2-Reloaded Adsense-Deluxe Auto-Hyperlink URL’s Backup Restore Bunny’s Technorati Tags Hello Dolly I […]

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    […] when they click a link from Google, Yahoo! or MSN and land at your site). Related Posts: AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin


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    […] I am adding the ads to individual posts using the fantastic WordPress plug-in, Adsense Delux which Michele recommended to me last night. Adsense delux allows me to individually format ads to suit posts so ads can look completely different from one post to the next. […]

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    […] If you want to add AdSense to your WordPress blog, go to this page and get the free plugin (you will need some technical knowledge to do this). […]

  16. Deep Market » Blog Archive » AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin Says:

    […] I owe Wayne, of Acme Technologies, a long overdue “Thank You” for putting together the wonderful AdSense WordPress Plugin. I was conversing with Wayne over the weekend about other subjects, visited his blog and his FileMaker Pro plugins page - not even realizing he was the author of the AdSense plugin. I finally made the connection. The plugin makes it very easy to integrate AdSense into your WordPress blog, so if you are looking to use AdSense with WordPress - take a look at this plugin. […]

  17. Blog Designer Says:

    Looks great Wayne. Thanks!

  18. xblog Says:

    OMG!! You are simply the great. The Adsense-Deluxe works perfect. This is what all the WordPress webmaster being looking for. My really looks nicer with the plugin. Before the plugin my website totally like a mess. But now much more better, although its still need more tweak. But lastly, Adsense-Deluxe Best Plugin for WordPress

  19. Internet Opportunities » Blog Archive » Hello world! Says:

    […] The third one is a cool plugin which your going to love! It’s called Adsense Deluxe, and this baby rocks! It is hands down the best adsense plug in there is! Highly configurable with multiple ad blocks. You just enter a simply code any where you want in your posts where you want adsense to appear. It has it’s own section in your control panel under Options! This one is definitely a must have! […]

  20. Dev Dawn » Blog Archive » Plug It In Says:

    […] Have plugged in a few … plugins, for the Wordpress engine. They are ::Page Fold ListText ControlAdsense DeluxeThreaded/Nested CommentsXinha for WordpressWe’ll see how they go. […]

  21. Website “monetarisieren” mit Google - Faris SEO Blog Says:

    […] EDIT: Um den Adsense-Code korrekt einzubinden mußte ich jetzt tatsächlich noch das Adsense Deluxe Plugin einbinden. Feines Stück Code übrigens. […]

  22. Google Adsense Empfehlung - S-O-S SEO Blog Says:

    […] Was das Einbetten der Adsense Empfehlung in mein Wordpress Weblog angeht ging es mir ähnlich wie Franz auf seiner monetarisierenden Blogseite, um zu verhindern dass die Anzeige von der Blogsoftware zerschossen wird, sollte man z.B. das AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin implementieren. Überhaupt ist dieses Plugin eine tolle Lösung wenn es um den Einbau von Adsense in das eigene Wordpress Blog geht. […]

  23. richards1052 Says:

    I have adsense deluxe activated. I see the Adsense tag in my editing interface. When I click on it I can add the adsense code into the editing box (& I see it in the Preview mode). But when I save & publish the post it never displays in the blog post. When I look at the code source I don’t see the code for an adsense ad block either. I do have an adsense tower in my sidebar, but since there are no other adsense blocks on the pg. this shouldn’t affect the display in my post.

    All adsense ads I’ve published in the past ARE still displaying.

    Have you ever heard of such a problem before? It seems weird.

  24. richards1052 Says:

    Cancel that post above. I think the problem may’ve had something to do with not being able to clear the cache in order to display changes made to the post via editing (ie. adding the adsense ad code). Now it’s displaying fine.

  25. Basic Thinking Blog » Wordpress Plugins (Update 1) Says:

    […] 13. AdSense Deluxe: Ermöglicht das wahlweise einblenden von Google AdSense für einzelne Blogeinträge. Das Plugin hat eine eigene Einstellungsmaske, es kann mehrere AdSense Codes speichern, die dann zur Auswahl stehen. […]

  26. Geek Building The Bridge Part 2 » AdSense Deluxe Hack Says:

    […] November 15, 2005 @ 8:33 am · Filed under Dev Hours For you experiencing error on my blog yesterday, I’m very sorry. I was hacking on AdSense Deluxe plugin. I was trying to add an option to add default add block to each single page (single.php). It was pretty trivial. What hard is the process of adding option. You need to jump into several function to get your option displayed. But it’s now done. My AdSense Deluxe is now capable of adding default ad block to each single page. This way I dont need to add the adsense tag to each post on which I consider as bothering. Now, I can jsut do my bloggin as usual without worrying about adding adsense tag into my post to get my adsense displayed. Wait a second.. What’s the point of the hack then. It’s more like I’m reverting into what inspired AdSense Deluxe back there. Darn. Ah, what the heck. At least now I can have the ad management feature offered by AdSense Deluxe :p Popularity: unranked […]

  27. icooltools Says:

    Adsense deluxe is a great wordpress plugin and it’s even better since the latest upgrade which allows you to post the ads in the templates as well as a post.

    I’ve also found another use for it that is pretty obvious when you think of it. I run Chitika and adsense on my blog and just as an experiment I pasted my chitika code in to see what would happen.

    GUESS WHAT! It’s chitika deluxe as well. So according to my own testing you can use this great adsense deluxe plugin as a chitika wordpress plugin to display chitika ads on your posts.

  28. wayne Says:

    You can use it for Yahoo Publishers Network (YPN), too. I’ve defined a few YPN ads in my control panel and experiment with switching them on and off for other ads.

    For that matter, Adsense-Deluxe plug-in can be used for most any simple substitutions. Whatever you want to have auto-inserted into your pages it should do, but there are more specialized plugins for that purpose.

  29. WordPress Info And Tips » AdSense Plugin For WordPress Says:

    […] Free. More information and download available at […]

  30. evossman Says:

    Hey all, just wanted to second that you can use this for chitika ads as well. Sweet. You may have to increase the maximum number of ads that the plugin will allow but thats really easy in plugin editor, in you need more info on how to do that to get chitika to work when theres more than 3 ads total check out

    Once again, sweet plugin.

  31. Word Press Plugins for ProBloggers: Blog Tips at ProBlogger Says:

    […] Google Sitemaps 9 Spam Karma 2 - Reloaded 5 Related Posts 3 WP-ContactForm 6 Email Notification Plugin StatTraq 2 Adsense Deluxe 5 Akismet 4 Ultimate Tag Warrier 3 Feedburner Feed Replacement 3 WP-Amazon 3 Auto hyperlink URLs 2 Page Navigation 2 Angsuman’s Feed Copyrighter 2 WordPress Database Backup 2 IImage Browser 2 Paged Comments 2 Viper’s Plugins Used 2 Popularity Contest 2 WP-Googlestats 2 Subscribe to Comments AJAX Spell Checker Recent Comments Audio Play Rate My Stuff ViewLevel2 evermore PHP Exec Most Wanted Autometa WP-Cron Quicktags WP Adsense No Duplicate Comments Polite-ifier CSS Compress Bookmark This Flickr Gallery Heavyweight Categories Live Comment Preview Relative Dates RunPHP Extract Terms Terms2tags Force Word Wrapping WP-cache WordPress From/Where WP Hardened Trackback WordPress Hashcash Adsense Logger Bad Behavior Cat 2 Tag CA Chitika Chitika eMiniMalls Code AutoEscape Paged Comment Editing Optimal Title Better Feed Click Counter IP 2 Nation Random Words Transpose e-mail Batch Categories Enhanced View PXS Mail Form SH-Autolink Search Meter Search Pages Search Reloaded Smart Update Pinger Taggerati x-Dashboard CG Powerpack PhotoPress Subscribe Me Secure Image Ak-Bookmark/ak-subscribe Blogs of the Day (couldn’t find URL) Get RSS (couldn’t find URL) […]

  32. Army Of Blogs » Blog Archive » WP Plugins Says:

    […] Adsense-Deluxe - Place Google AdSense ads in your WordPress Posts. Requires WordPress 1.5 or higer. For complete usage and configuration click on AdsenseDeluxe under the “Options” menu. This plugin is very configurable, and you can store different adsense layouts. This gives you the ability to add adsense right in your posts for greater relevant ads! […]

  33. Garbage Collector » Neues Theme und neue Plugins Says:

    […] 1. AdSense-Deluxe, mit dem man einfach Google AdSense Anzeigen einbauen kann. […]

  34. andreas Says:

    I’ve been using Adsense-deluxe for a while on my old site. The new version on the new site however has a little hickup called
    “Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in […]/wp-content/plugins/adsense-deluxe.php”.

    Also, since installation of that plugin the page stops validating (”The HTML contains invalid character…”).

    Is there any chance to get that fixed.

  35. Adsense wordpress plugin Test Geld verdienen im Internet Says:

    […] Nach dem ich mich nun mit meinen Weihnachtsgeschenken (u.a. mit Pro Train Perfect) ausgetobt habe, wird es Zeit mal das Adsense-Plugin für WordPress zu testen. Bisher verwende ich stets die Anzeigenblöcke und habe noch gar keine Erfahrungen was die Link-Blöcke angeht. Wollen wir doch mal schauen, was Google hierzu meint.   [link]  [Trackback] […]

  36. Essential Wordpress Plugins Says:

    […] Adsense Deluxe - if you are running adsense on your blog this is the only sane way to manage it. […]

  37. Plugins I use: WordPress plug-ins, templates and tutorials Says:

    […] Adsense-Deluxe - if you are an Adsense or YPN or Chitika publisher, then this plugin will work for you. If you are tired of tens of AD lines into your templates, this plugin lets you add the same code via a single line. […]

  38. Layout Changes and new plug-ins: Says:

    […] AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin which allows me to easily manage and insert AdSense ads in the posts and pages. […]

  39. Chris McCafferty » An Adsense for Wordpress Tutorial Says:

    […] Get the Best Adsense Plugin for Wordpress Download and install Adsense Deluxe. This plugin allows you to create inline ads. […]

  40. 10 most useful wordpress plugins according to « Says:

    […] 1. Adsense-Deluxe […]

  41. gold fish Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful plugin, I am trying to disable ads on home pages but the plugin is not disabling it

  42. Add adsense in your Wordpress blog at Ma chienne de vie ( Says:

    […] I managed doing the same though using a different method. Yes, it’s possible to do something similar using other way. But mine is, I would say, easier to manage. I got the wonderful plugin which allows me to plug the ad into the script easily. […]

  43. nguyencs Says:

    i have adsense deluxe installed and it works perfectly. however, i’m trying to change the ads per page to a different number in plugin Editor. everytime i click on “update file” it’ll give me “service temporarily unvailable” when i edit another plugin, it works fine. so why is adsense-deluxe not working? i tried editing the file itself and uploading it, it still doesn’t change. what can i do?

  44. wayne Says:

    I would probably have to have the same access to the files/blog as you have to see this happening. So if you want to go through this with me, try contacting me on AOL/AIM instant message at TalkToAcme, or email me to arrange a time when we can look at your blog.

    I’m not entirely certain what you’re doing, but I’m going to presume it’s this: You’re editing the PHP code of the plugin file(?) and trying to increase the limit of 3 ads per page?

    When you say, “why doesn’t it change”, what exactly do you mean? the number of ads on an index page isn’t changing? If you’re using all Adsense ads, then Google will limit you to something like three normal ad blocks, plus possibly an allowance for one or two ad links blocks (I haven’t looked at what their current limits are at these days). Also, sometimes google simply doesn’t have enough ad inventory to put as many ad units on the page as you’d like them to.

    Once again, I’d have to see what’s happening for myself and probably see your edited copy of the adsense-deluxe.php file on your server in order to come up with enough clues for you.

  45. Apparenza e realta’ » Blog Archive » e cosi’ proviamo ad appiccicare adsense… Says:

    […] Il funzionamento e’ elementare: si scarica il plugin dal sito, lo si installa copiando semplicemente il file adsense-deluxe.php in /wp-content/plugins/ e lo si attiva. Si danno dei nomi (possibilmente esplicativi) ai vari blocchi di codice forniti da Adsense, si sceglie quello di default e si piazzza l’annuncio dove si vuole aggiungendo una semplice stringa. Ecco fatto…in meno di 2 minuti! […]

  46. Which WordPress Plugins Do You Use? Says:

    […] AdSense Deluxe - for inserting AdSense (and other types of ads) into posts […]

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