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What are the Acme Script Widgets?

Acme Script Widgets are extensions for Apple's AppleScript scripting language. Since 1994 the Widgets have offered powerful functions for sorting, tokenizing, searching and replacing text, and doing it all in fewer lines of code and many times faster AppleScript alone can achieve.

The Widgets fully support OS X while remaining compatible with OS 8/9, so you can use the same scripts on any version of the Mac OS.

"I've just ripped out about 100 lines of code that painfully parsed some data records from 4th Dimension server application and sent them to Excel and Delta Graph. The whole process has been cut to about 25% the original time it took to parse the data (from 1 hour to 13 minutes!). Thanks again!"

   -John Craig

Text Processing
  • Acme replace: Replace occurrences of a string with another string, with options for case-sensitive search, replace all or only first occurrence, and apply the replacement to lists of items or lists of lists!
  • change case: Convert text to UPPER case, lower case, Sentence case, or toggle the case of every character.
  • offsets of:
  • tokenize: Split a string into a list of items based on one or more delimiter strings. You are not restricted to using single characters as delimiters for breaking the string into separate items.
  • trim: Trim text (not just spaces) from either end of a string (or both), optionally ignoring patterns. Works on strings or lists of strings.
  • Acme sort: Sort a list of data items [strings, numbers, dates, etc.] or sort lists of lists into ascending or descending order. For sorting lists of lists, specify which item within the inner list is used for comparisons.

List Manipulation
  • offset in list: Search for a string in a list of items and return the index into the list of the first occurrence, or all occurences.
  • insert item: Insert an item into a list at a specified index.
  • delete item: Delete an item from a list at a specified index.
  • join list: This is the reverse of the tokenize operation. Given a list of strings, combine the elements into a single string with separator strings.
  • combine lists: Groups the Nth items from sublistts together into a list of new lists.

Other Tools...
  • Acme parse args: This function handles decoding and grouping http CGI arguments (such as from a Form POST submission). Strings are URL-decoded in the process. [Only available for Mac OS 8/9]
  • Acme lookup field: After calling Acme parse args on your CGI data, get the value of a form field using this function. [Only available for Mac OS 8/9]
  • Download the OS X replacement for these functions: DecodeURL Script

ASW Commands [*] Available for Mac OS 8/9 only.

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AppleScript: A Comprehensive Guide
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"The author not only knows his subject cold, but knows it from real-world experience, which shows, and for which their is no substitute. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn AppleScript or polish their existing understanding."

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