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NetFlix Sucks! BlockBuster Movie Rental Rocks!

Last year I joined NetFlix and used it for a few months. I liked the selection and definitely the convenience of receiving DVD movies right to my mailbox, but after awhile I got busy and found it wasn't worth paying $19.99 a month. But here's what really pissed me off and has caused some unhappy customers to post rants such as "Why NetFlix Sucks!". I was getting too many movies each month, so they stopped sending them as fast; instead of 2-day turnarounds, it was taking longer and longer to get the items in my queue. Excuse me, but that's not mentioned in their d*#ned terms of service! For the first few months of my NetFlix subscription I was returning the DVDs the same day I received them (I just copied them to a hard drive for viewing later, then deleted them after I viewed them), and that meant I could get more rented then they wanted me to receive in a month. So good-bye NetFlix with your high prices and crummy business practices, and hellow BlockBuster Online!!

blockbuster free rental dvd couponAhhh, but then I found BlockBuster Online's competing service and once again I'm receiving the latest movies in my mailbox every week. The difference this time around is that I'm only paying $14.99 a month for BlockBuster DVD Movie Rentals. [Correction...BlockBuster raised their prices recently to $17.99/month, making NetFlix look rather more attractive again...] In addition to the lower price, BlockBuster offers you two free in-store movie or game rentals every month. You're provided two printable coupons every month. (Click on the mini-coupon picture to view a sample of these.) I also received a coupon for buying two previously viewed DVDs for just $15.

BlockBuster Sends DVDs Faster!

Here's something else that's cool with Blockbuster's DVD rental program: in an article from the Boston Globe, the BlockBuster Evangelist said the company has asked the US Postal Service to scan Blockbuster return envelopes and send the firm an electronic notification so customers don't have to wait until the envelopes are actually delivered before having the next movie on their to-see list sent out.

Don't forget to read my side-by-side NetFlix vs BlockBuster Comparison. All the main features are listed for both DVD movie rental services.

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BlockBuster DVD Rental Process

BLOCKBUSTER Online™ DVD Movie Rental Features

BlockBuster Offers More Than 40,000 Titles, Including New Releases

BLOCKBUSTER's online DVD library has more than 40,000 titles, and it's growing every week. You'll find classic cinema, modern favorites, television shows, children's programming, health and fitness workouts, and, of course, the hottest new releases you've come to expect from BLOCKBUSTER. Browse our extensive movie library and get started filling up your rental queue today.

DVD Movies Delivered Right to Your Mailbox

Renting DVDs is as easy as picking up your mail. Simply visit and add movies to your queue. They ship your selections to you via first class mail. DVDs usually arrive within 1-3 business days. When you're done place the DVD in the provided postage paid envelope and send it back through the mail. Then the next DVDs will be on their way.

Get Unlimited DVD Rentals

For only $14.99 a month (plus taxes) you can rent all the movies you want. Have up to 3 DVDs out at a time. Keep the DVDs as long as you want. When you're done with a DVD, just send it back in the provided postage paid envelope. We'll send you another selection from your rental queue. Keep your queue full and keep the movies coming. If three movies at a time is not enough for you, try one of the other plans which allow you to have up to 8 movies out at a time!

Two Free In-Store DVD Movie or Game Rentals a Month

Each month Blockbuster Online™ provides you with two ecoupons for FREE in-store movie or game rentals. Print your ecoupons and take them into your nearest participating BLOCKBUSTER® store to enjoy your free movie or game rentals. You can view a sample of my BLOCKBUSTER Online coupons.

Special BLOCKBUSTER In-Store Monthly Offers

As a BLOCKBUSTER Online™ member, you will be eligible for exclusive deals and discounts each month at participating BLOCKBUSTER stores. For example you may be eligible to buy previously-rented DVDs at a steep discount.

Free Shipping and Postage

Shipping is always free. Both ways. There are no postage charges.

No Return Dates

BLOCKBUSTER Online™ rental members can keep DVDs out as long as they want. There are never any due dates. Watch the DVD when it's convenient for you and send it back only when you are ready for a new selection.

No Extended Viewing Fees or Late Fees

As a BLOCKBUSTER Online™ rental member, you pay a flat monthly rate. There are no extended viewing fees or late fees on DVDs rented online.

What if I Receive a Damaged DVD or the Wrong Movie?

Use the Report DVD Issues form at to report the problem and return the disc to BLOCKBUSTER Online. They will immediately send another copy of the same movie or, if you prefer, the next available title in your Queue. [Editor's note: One week I receieved two disks which were screwed up. One was the wrong movie in the correct envelope, the other was unplayable. I reported the issues and the next day I had two new copies of the DVDs in my mailbox!]

Be sure to use the Report DVD Issues link BEFORE returning the damaged disc. This will allow us to remove that disc from circulation when it arrives at one of our distribution centers.

More NetFlix "Sucks" Complaints

Michael writes:
I have, for the first time as a Netflix customer (though off and on) begun to be throttled by Netflix. Sure, I was a naysayer at first, speculating that it had to do with shipping center, location, quantity available, etc. But now, I agree with others that it is a problem; all my DVDs now ship the next day, which effectively reduces my monthly renting ability by almost 25%, and I suspect they're "receiving" my DVDs later than they really are, which would reduce it by even more. As a person who has always defended Netflix, I have to say that while Blockbuster didn't impress me, this makes it a lot less easier if I should choose to switch. I've got 7 months of a gift subscription left; if Blockbuster's improved and Netflix hasn't, I'll seriously consider changing. It's a shame, too, but my interests don't lie in ensuring Netflix's profitability, but in getting the most bang for my buck.

Houston, TX:
I'm agreeing with you that NETFLIX sucks.
I made the mistake of upgrading my membership and was effectively punished for it by not receiving DVDs 2 weekends in a row. It may well be 3.
Already I know I want to withdraw from NETFLIX membership, but I want to be sure they don't rip me off further when I do. Here we are at just about mid month, and no DVDs. I'd just finished sending my third letter to NETFLIX about the mess when it occurred to me that if I was pissed with NETFLIX there must be others. Voila, I found your and other NETFLIX sucks sites.
I think the results are in...NETFLIX SUCKS.

R.F. Writes:
Netflix is a scam. They give you the impression that you can watch unlimited movies a month. However, as soon as they find out you are checking out 10+ movies a month they slow down sending you movies by 2 to 7 days. I asked Netflix why they did this. They claim that they wait for your next movie in the queue to become available for 2 days. This is bullshit...why have a queue...with 100+ 'Available Now' movies. Also, they will send you a survey only for a movie they know you recieved in a day after shipped. They must think the consumer is an idiot. Well...fool me once...:)) What IDIOTS!