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AdSense Preview Tool


Google AdSense™ automatically delivers ads targeted to your website content. The more targeted your pages are for one or two topics, the better the ads are likely to be. This free preview utility will give you a sense of which ads would be placed on a given page.

The ads shown on your pages will change over time as your content changes or the inventory of Google ads changes. You should check back here often to review which ads will be shown when you're working on updating your pages.

Enter up to three URLs in the form and the ads for each URL will be displayed in separate groups. All ads are shown in test mode so no advertiser will be charged if you click the ads, and nobody will make any money from the clicks.

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AdSense Bookmarklet with Prompt.

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These are the Ads that would be shown for the page
Clicking the ads does not count as impressions nor will the advertisers be charged anything.
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